6 perfect Father's Day gifts

June 18, 2017

1. For the Dad who loves the sun 
Be it the wild, grizzly mountains or a relaxing beach, a pair of wooden sunglasses always come in handy. 
And your dad looking like a complete badass is an added bonus. 
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2. For the fashionista Dad
Age is just a number, and fashion rules are meant to be broken. Gift him a swanky wooden bow tie instead of the plain old necktie this Father's Day, and watch your dad's friends and colleagues go gaga over his new found swag. 
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3. For the Dad who loves his money 
Let's be honest, you've lived off his wallet for most of your life. It's time to gift your dad one for all the holes you burnt in his older wallets. A cork wallet makes for an ideal gift for someone who likes to carry their cash the way they carry themselves; with style. 
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4. For the Dad who walks the talk 
Every man loves shoes, and your dad is no different. Few gifts come close to the excitement a new pair of shoes can bring. Gift your dad a pair of loafers for his casual days, or a pair of oxfords for when he needs to be more formally dressed. It doesn't matter what his style sense is; because you'll find them all right here. 
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5. For the Dad who's always on the phone
Technology has been a more, and your dad is more fascinated by it than you could ever be. 
You've lived your entire life knowing cell phones and technology, but to your father, this is a completely novel concept and it's your job that he looks good while he handles the magical piece of technology that lets him make memes.
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6. For the Dad who loves his work
Most of our father's love the work they do, and even if they don't, they still need a classy, elegant bag to carry their belongings. It's time they ditch their boring old briefcases for something a lot more sophisticated, stylish and not to mention "animal friendly". 
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